Isabel Gwilliam

Thompson Valley community cares program

Thompson Valley EMS became a registered CARES program in 2017 because of the deep seeded belief of the Chief that there are no second-class citizens in our special district. As a state registered CARES program, TVEMS provides community outreach and health education to people to prevent illness and injury, and reduce the incidence of 911 calls and hospital emergency department visits made for the purpose of obtaining non-emergency medical care of services. We work very closely with the community resources that are already available and link our clients with those services. We take pride in the fact that we identify those in need, reduce barriers to timely care and help connect clients and families to the resources, education, and services that they need but are having trouble with obtaining. As the first formal CARES program in Colorado, we are constantly innovating new ways and opportunities to serve our community.


For more information on The Thompson Valley EMS Community Cares Program, feel free to email inquiries or call direct: (970)775-7138 



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