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Special Events

Let TVEMS Custom Tailor Medical coverage for your event

On site emergency services are a must for events with large numbers of attendees or with a high possibility of injury.

We provide EMS teams and standby services for school sports, races, fairs, parades, equestrian, fundraisers and festivals for Loveland, Berthoud and surrounding areas by request.  We offer services ranging from a single first responder to multiple ambulance units according to event need. We may also provide an all terrain vehicle for events encompassing large areas. Below are a few, but not limited to events we proudly support:

  • Area Highschool Varsity Football
  • The Ranch / Budweiser Events
  • The 4th of July Festival
  • The Old Fashioned Corn Festival
  • Art In The Park Sculpture Show

Do you need a permit?

We are here to help you

If you have questions about EMS support or standby services for your upcoming event, please contact us with the email below. We are happy to assist you.

For information regarding Special Events permits please visit the links below for Special Events permit requirements

Tactical Emergency Medical Service

AKA: Special "TEMS" Teams

Committed to all aspects of rescue and Emergency Services, TVEMS specialty teams provide specialized rescue services 24/7/365. 

TVEMS was one of the first EMS agencies to provide Paramedics for the Special TEMS Team offering medical support to the Loveland Police Services and Larimer County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team operations.

The "TEMS" Team Mission

The TEMS mission is to ensure rapid prehospital care to officers, victims, bystanders, and suspects in the uniquely austere environment of law enforcement special operations. 


Special teams

Advanced Tactical Training

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