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Thompson Valley Communication Center

The TVEMS Communications Center is staffed twenty-four hours a day with part time and full-time dispatchers.  The dispatch center answers non-emergent calls from contracted medical facilities within the Thompson Valley EMS response district.   Our dispatchers manage transport requests scheduled by medical providers and assign appropriate units based on patients’ needs. TVEMS provides EMS support services for individuals who are not in an emergency situation, but need transportation to doctor appointments, skilled nursing facilities, long term acute care facilities, mental health facilities, or other health care related trips. 

The partnership TVEMS has with many local and state agencies, demonstrates how well first responders work together in a well coordinated effort to protect the community in both health and safety.

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Communications Captain

Jodi Monares

“I joined Thompson Valley EMS in 2019, as a Communications Specialist.  I have had the privilege of collaborating with the leadership team, along with our exceptional staff to expand the Thompson Valley Communications Dispatch Center. 

In November of 2020, I was promoted to Communications Captain.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead such an incredible team of dedicated dispatchers. The TVEMS Communication Center is a direct connection between healthcare providers and patients in need of medical transportation. I proudly share my experiences,  expertise and my love for public safety, as we work diligently to serve the community and patients we cherish.”



Partnering Agencies

Director of public relations

Bambi Leigh Brady

Thompson Valley
Community outreach

 I am driven to combine my love for marketing, community outreach, non profit organizations, special events, public and corporate relations with my experience and passion of over twenty years in photography. 

I joined TVEMS in 2020.  I share what it takes to be in EMS through TVEMS professional training, and daily experiences, turning them into public service announcements for ongoing team and community education.  This is a wonderful way for TVEMS to connect with, and provide valuable information to the citizens we serve. It is an honor for me to witness and document the sincere interaction between the TVEMS staff and the individuals they care for, from one call to the next.  Our number one objective is to be an organization that is technically advanced, efficient, genuine,  and a compassionate patient driven service.” 


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